The Gorge in Sankt Johann-Alpendorf

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ATTENTION - Due to a rockfall, the gorge Liechtensteinklamm is closed for the entire season 2017!


Over many thousands of years, thunderous, driving cascades of falling water have carved into solid rock leaving the deep narrow chasm known now as the Liechtenstein Gorge. The rock faces rising up on either side are so constricted in places that the sky is visible only as a narrow cut above one’s head. This natural wonder so fascinated visitors that in 1875, through generous donations by the Prince of Liechtenstein, bridges and overpasses were created for the wider public. More than 10 million people from around the world have since visited this magnificent natural phenomenon,  enchanted by the almost ghostly exchange of light and shadow created by the steepness of the rock walls and narrowness of the chasm.

The Misty Waterfalls

When noon-time sunlight cuts a path through steep rocky walls and is momentarily captured by the fine, dust-like spray of the falls, visitors to the Liechtenstein Gorge are treated to a rare and beautiful rainbow of colours.


Picture Gallery Liechtensteinklamm