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ATTENTION - Due to a rockfall, the gorge Liechtensteinklamm is closed for the entire season 2017!



Interesting information about your visit to the Liechtensteinklamm:



Time and physical effort involved

From the parking area with its toilets to the entrance (ticket office) to the Liechtenstein gorge there is a walk of approx. 400 m. There are two attractive restaurants before and at the entrance into the gorge.


The hiking route meanders along a well-constructed path for about 1.5 km through the Liechtenstein gorge. The walkways, bridges and steps are easy to walk on. The hike through the gorge takes about 1.5 hours. The way there and back is on the same path – it is not circular.


Unfortunately, because of naturally occurring conditions, the accessible gorge has steps and in places narrow walkways which make it unsuitable for wheelchairs and buggies.  



The gorge is at its most beautiful in the early morning and late afternoon.

During the busy season (Mid-June until August) at visitor peak times between 10am and 2pm. there may be a waiting period for all visitors. Please plan your visit in the busy season before or after these peak times.



Sturdy footwear is recommended as well as warm clothing, depending on the time of year.



Children can walk through the Liechtenstein gorge with you but not in a buggy. For smaller children a backpack carrier is a good idea.



Dogs should be kept on a short lead, where possible wearing a muzzle. Please be aware that there are a number of steps, especially in the last third of the gorge.



It is especially nice on a hot day to cool down on a trip to the Liechtenstein gorge.

A visit to the gorge is also to be recommended on a wet day as there will be even more water running through the ravine. Please remember though to wear suitable clothing (waterproofs, sturdy footwear). 


The gorge may be closed temporarily if the weather conditions are extreme, e.g. in the case of floods, severe storms, snowfall or snowstorms.



Booking/group reservations

It is not necessary to book in advance, even for groups.