Did you know?

Interesting about the Liechtensteinklamm

Did you know?

ATTENTION - Due to a rockfall, the gorge Liechtensteinklamm is closed for the entire season 2017!



Over 200.000 visitors from around the world enjoy the Liechtenstein Gorge each year. Most of the entrance money is reinvested in infrastructure, improving walkways and bridges to ensure your continued safety. Iron, steel and solid wood support you underfoot; professional rock climbers work to mitigate the danger from loose rock and falling debris overhead. All these security measures are re-examined by geologists and structural engineers to ensure that your family outing is enjoyable and care-free.


Each spring before opening for the season, “rock cleaners” give the gorge a thorough inspection. Specialists for extreme conditions examine the rock walls for loose rubble and remove any debris that may have come loose during frosty weather.


Gorge installations are subject to strict security regulations. Operators inspect the gorge daily for potential hazards. Furthermore, pathways and bridges are rigorously inspected before season opening and throughout the summer.


After a summer storm the gorge can be jammed with logs. A group of specialists armed with power saws and axes rappel into the chasm to clear debris brought into the gorge by the Salzach River.  More than 2000 hours annually are spent keeping the gorge free of rubble.


The gorge footpath also takes you through a tunnel. A particular stretch of path that was hard to maintain was closed down and replaced with a 70m long tunnel.


The gorge can be dangerous in the winter. Bridges and walk-ways are dismantled; man-high icicles hang from the rocks; the falls freeze to become a single icy wall. In a thaw, the melting ice structures break away and plunge with enormous velocity to the canyon floor. Debris and avalanches thunder down steep rocky walls and ridges, causing tremendous damage that must be repaired each spring before the Liechtenstein Gorge can again open its doors to the public for another year.


All bridges in the gorge are made of wood. Safety demands that supports be made of steel, however we are proud to say that actual bridge ties – out of respect for and in harmony with the gorge’s natural surroundings – are all of wood.


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